Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Lately I've been...

Reading: Currently reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. WWII fascinates me. Such tough times, really gives you some perspective on how lucky we are nowadays. I'm hoping to start Catastrophic Happiness: Finding Joy in Childhood's Messy Years sometime very soon. I'm also interested in giving Hands Free Mama a whirl. Anything to help me soak up every ounce of joy in this chaotic season of my life. "These are the days..." and I know that I will look back on all of these unruly moments and miss them deeply. 

Wanting: A more organized routine. I'm a part-time critical care nurse, full-time mama. I work shift work, 12 hour blocks at a time. My schedule changes week to week. We don't have any childcare, other than ourselves. We make it work, but I am feeling as though my hubs and I are going through the motions of parenthood alone a lot of the time. We are practicing a "tag your it" kind of parenting and I envy those that can soak up every weekend together as a family. In fact, it's starting to look really damn good, but changing jobs is off the table, at least for now. Mostly, because I don't think I could personally handle the stress of a new job, but also, because I adore my work family so damn much, I can't imagine a shift without my people. 

Eating: Trader Joe's Mediterranean hummus paired with homemade pita chips. Trader Joe's is seriously the best place on earth. Also, their dried fruits. The sweet apple rings are the best snack this time of year.

Drinking: Let's be honest, the pumpkin spice latte is really all I want on these brisk mornings. #basic, yes! #ashamed, no! Oh, and some Sam Adams Octoberfest, it's a Fall classic.

Enjoying: 9pm. Both kids are asleep. and its either a show in bed with my man, or a drink out on the porch under the lights. After having the second babe, Alec sleep regressed and bedtime was an intense challenge. But now, Wes goes down by 7, and Alec has finally decided to stop putting up a fight. Some quality downtime before bed has been pretty glorious and much-needed. 

Wearing: Honestly, workout clothes. The funny part is that I don't work out that often, but I do chase after my boys all day long so I might at well be comfortable. And man, Gapfit is on point. Comfortable, cute, and inexpensive. You can't beat it. And now that the cooler weather has moved in, (thank heavens!), I am loving fall layers, cuffed jeans,  and ankle boots.

Listening: Pearl and the Beard and Shakey Graves. My friend, Christie, introduced to both bands while traveling around Hawaii together. I can't get enough.

Watching: The Night Of on HBO, Stranger Things on Netflix,  and This Is Us on NBC. I guess I'e been watching a lot of TV lately...

Wishing: Although I love Autumn much more than all the other seasons, I am looking forward to putting this Fall season behind us. Life has been a bit messy as of late, and I am dreading the upcoming weeks. Alec's open heart surgery is scheduled for October 19th. I can't wait to see what my boy will feel once he is fully recovered. Wishing for an even happier, healthier little dude. 

Capturing: Videos of my boys together (hubs and pup included). But seriously, these two little boys of mine are becoming best little buds and watching the two of them together makes my heart burst.