Tuesday, August 9, 2016

HellooOOoo.... It's me.

Well let's just say life has gotten the best of me. Since having my second little bambino, blogging has sadly been pushed aside. But lately, life has let up a bit, and I am seriously starting to figure out this mama of two situation (I think). So here I am, blogging! And for some reason, I figured the best way to make my return would be with a ten things post... here' s hoping this isn't the last time you seen me this year! Enjoy!

Ten Things
...that caught my eye across the web...

been eyeing up this delicate flower crown for a wedding I'm in next month
this instagram account is a stunner and worth the follow
the best new show on television
nordstrom anniversary sale: one, two, three
the most versatile weekender bag
once leisurely reading becomes a thing again, this will be the first book on my list
one day, i will travel here, with friends and family
loving this off-the-shoulder trend: one and two
for my kitchen, found courtesy of house tweaking
24 hrs in Philly, a venture I'm willing to try!

next up... a book report. a new post I am going to try and do monthly. our most five favorite books currently, for toddlers and babes.