Thursday, July 16, 2015


Reading: I am currently reading Paper Towns by John Greene. It's one those books about life and adventure that you wish you would have read back in your teens. I loved The Fault In Our Stars so I figured I'd give this one a shot. I was looking for a quick and easy read and it has been just that. 

Wanting: Fall… I know, I know. But this heat just isn't for me, nor are the daily thunderstorms we've been having. I am also "wanting" a waistline… but all will just have to come in due time.

Eating: Carbs! I am currently dishing on the essentials. Ya know… peanut butter and jelly uncrustables, chocolate chip pancakes, and trader joe's vanilla almond granola with fresh berries. But I am getting worried that all of this carb-loading indulgence is going to come to a quick halt. At our last appointment, baby boy was weighing in at 1.5 lbs… over the 90th percentile for 22 weeks. SO, I am praying that gestational diabetes isn't the cause. With all that being said, I am starting to reel it in a bit and have been focusing my attention on a more well-balanced diet.

Drinking: I have been loving Target's Simply Balanced Sparkling Coconut Pineapple. It's the perfect alternative to soda and when everyone else is sipping on a margarita, I pour a bit of this over crushed ice in a wine glass and suddenly I feel like part of the party. The Peach Mango flavor is also delish.

Enjoying: This stage of pregnancy! The first trimester was a doozy, but heck, I just suddenly got this intense boost of energy over here and nesting is in full force at the Drake household. I've been sorting through bins, cleaning out cupboards and closets… mostly all in prep for the nursery. Things are coming along and I think we are going to paint the little babe's room over the weekend. Stay tuned, I foresee a nursery tour in the up and coming future. 

Wearing: Well folks, the bump is out, OUT! Seriously, there is no hiding this bad boy so I am workin it the best I can. I remember this being my favorite stage of pregnancy last go round and it's all coming back to me again this time. Your belly is still small enough that you want to showcase it a bit. I have definitely been rocking some more form-fitting attire these days, this dress and these jeans have been two of my faves. I absolutely love Anna's bump style from IHOD, and I have been channeling her as inspiration whenever I can. 

Listening: I guess Pancake Manor and Truck Tunes don't qualify as music, so to be honest, I haven't been listening too much lately. But I am really looking forward to the release of The Head and the Heart's New Album, whenever that may be. And I love just about anything by Ben Howard and/or Vance Joy.

Watching: Since Game of Thrones has finished up, we have moved on to True Detective, Season Two (Talk about an all-star ensemble cast!) And we are also looking forward to The Leftovers, coming back this Fall.

Wishing: For an Indian Summer. I don't necessarily want to wish Summer away, but at the same time, this heat and my pregnant body just aren't hitting it off too great. August of 2013 was splendid… I remember it being breezy and cool and looking back I had no idea how lucky I was. Give me mid-seventies to low-eighties and I will be the happiest mama bear there ever was.

Capturing: Lots of family photos by the sea.  And lots of videos of Alec. He is really broadening his vocabulary and hearing him use little phrases for the first time is just too cute.