Friday, July 17, 2015

Ten Things

…that caught my eye across the web….

Loving Anna of IHOD's bump style, comfortable and classic
I picked out two perfect prints for baby boy's up and coming nursery, one and two
Considering my carb obsession this pregnancy, I feel it's only right to give this recipe a shot
These little moccs might be my first official purchase for baby boy
This refreshing juice has been a summer staple for me thus far
The perfect beach umbrella, lightweight and super durable, even on the breeziest day
A friend sent me this and it was exactly what I needed to read at that exact moment
I've been searching and I think this is where we'll be going next year to celebrate six years
Is it bad that I am already craving fall weather and days like this again
Insta turned wall art, A DIY I'd be more than happy to add to my to-do list

Have a great weekend ya'll.