Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Reading: I am currently in between books right now. I am struggling between a few solid recommendations. Wild, How to Talk to a Widower, & The Girl You Left Behind are all contenders. I have heard the movie, Wild, has gotten rave reviews so I will most likely start with that book first. Cheryl Strayed also had a hand in this book, which got 4.5 stars, so I might as well ad that to my must-read list as well.

Wanting:  Eye cream. Like a really nice, hydrating eye cream to help de-puff and smooth wrinkles fast. I am looking tired and ancient these days and I really gotta do something about it.

Eating: Smoothies! which I realize that this is an odd time of year to make smoothies regularly, but Alec has some molars coming in and an icy, cool beverage is just what the doctor ordered. This recipe is our go-to lately. Thank you, Pinterest.

Drinking: I'm going to be boring here… red wine mostly. A rich Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon have been my go-to. I will admit I've been wanting to make one of these lately, but alcoholic drinks just haven't been much of a thing for us these days. (And no, I am NOT expecting).

Enjoying:  Surprisingly, we have been on the go since the holidays. I really thought things were going to slow down post-New Year's, but, boy, was I wrong. It's been a blast catching up with old friends and family. And the constant state of business has helped me to forget about the cold Winter weather; thus, enabling me to avoid any seasonal depression.

Wearing: Beanies, plaid scarves, & this toggle coat. Honestly, anything to keep warm!

Listening: I just went and saw Mo-town, The Musical at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia this past weekend. The show was pretty incredible and many of those classic tunes have been playing over and over in my head since. Vance Joy has also been playing on repeat in our house. 'Mess is mine' is definitely one of my favorites.

Watching: The Blacklist. We are halfway through the first season courtesy of Netflix and I must say, it's pretty amazing. James Spader (whom I've never really been a fan of) is nothing short of incredible.

Wishing: So badly, that we could put this procedure Alec needs to get behind us. (Siggghhh) Lots of restless nights these days. I know my boy will do just fine, but my nerves have got the best of me. I just feel so helpless. I desperately wish I could take his place in all this. But there is no doubt, this kid is braver than I'll ever be.

Capturing: Lots of videos of Alec. He is quite the performer these days, and not a moment can go unrecorded. I can't wait to show these captured memories to his future wife one day.