Friday, January 16, 2015

Ten Things

that caught my eye across the web...

1. Have you been listening to the Serial podcast, if not you should be
2. I've never heard of this line before, but I want each and every piece for my second babe
3. I'm in need of this jar set, but to store all my loose leaf teas, not spices
4. A glass coffeemaker that I wouldn't mind leaving out on the counter
5. I think Al is going to need a pair of these kicks come Spring
6. This chick has the most incredible maternity style and the most adorable blog
7. Inviting entries, Camille Styles kills it in my book
8. I want to buy each and every nautical piece for my parent's new beach home
9. Summer Essentials by HelloNatural, vacation dreaming I suppose
10. I've been on the search for some affordable coated leggings, and I need search no more

image courtesy of pinterest

Happy Friday. I'm working nightshift all weekend long, so I will be spending most of my days in bed. Hopefully, you get a bit of downtime yourself. Thanks for stopping by. 

(p.s. sorry for my absence, life is nuts lately. here's hoping things slow down soon, so I can get myself in order.)