Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: For the kids

This holiday season we decided to take a different approach. Shopping for our little ones can be fun, but also overwhelming. Being that I am home with my two babes most days, especially now that the cold has set in and I have an infant to care for, having quality toys that occupy my toddler and keep him excited throughout the day are important. I often rotate toys, moving them from room to room, as well as putting a few away and pulling them back out to re-excite him on long days spent indoors.

 When purchasing items for my children, I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. That is why this year we decided to go by the "want/need/wear/read" method that I found via It's The Little Things. I also added a "learn" category to this gifting philosophy, as well as, a few additional items to fill their stockings. I love the idea of keeping things simple, year after year. And this is a brilliant way to avoid the unwanted clutter of toys in your home.

Ideas for your toddler:

Stocking stuffers: Bath Toys, Play-doh, Coloring Pad

Ideas for your infant:

Want- Walker
Need - Luggage

I am really looking forward to switching things up. I am hopeful that this new philosophy encourages my children to recognize their many blessings. I hope it enables them to comprehend the true meaning of Christmas... that giving to others is just as important as receiving.

Anyway, happy holidays folks! We are in full Christmas spirit over here! The tree is lit all hours of the day, the stockings are hung, and our holiday records are spinning on repeat. More importantly, both boys are currently napping (AT THE SAME TIME, it's a christmas miracle) and I have time to write a blog post in peace while sipping on HOT coffee. Cheers to that! And happy shopping!