Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall Must-Haves: Alec Charles

I know people love Summer… and I am also a fan. I love hitting the beach and laying by the pool, but being 8 months pregnant in this ninety degree heat has left me yearning for Fall. These coming months are, by far, my favorite time of the year. I love the crisp air, football,  hot apple cider, pumpkin pie …really all things Autumn-esque. I love the anticipation of the holiday season and frequent family gatherings. Not to mention, that this Fall, we have another little Drake arriving and I really couldn't be more ready for that. 

I also love the clothes. Boy, do I just love the clothes. I love chunky sweaters, wool socks, and flannel. I love layering knits and tossing on my favorite pair of denim. And before kids, I didn't think that shopping could possibly get any more fun, but then it did. Below are a few fall must-haves for my big boy. 
Both long-sleeve tees are from Old Navy. They have a solid selection right now, most of which are on sale for under $10 a piece. Being that my little toddler man makes quite a mess during meals, I have a hard time investing immense amounts of cash on tees, so these are right up my alley.

This north face is the perfect fall coat. It's lightweight, yet incredibly warm. It has a hood, which is a must. And Al will still fit comfortably in his car seat/stroller without all the bulk. Plus, I love the look of the heather grey material, adds quite a bit of character to a basic piece.

This little fox sweater is from Zara kids. I love their children's clothes. I have a hard time spending the money, but every now and again, I find one item that is really worth the cost.. like this little fox sweater. 

All the pants, as well as, the socks are from baby Gap. I love their clothes, because a. they are always having some sort of sale online and b. they are quality-made and won't fall apart after only a few washes. I've already purchased the jeans and hope to add the other two to his collection. Al has the teeniest waist, so the draw-string is clutch.

I love TOMS, I really do. Not so much for myself, but their kids shoes are quality-made and actually easy to get on their feet. I am digging the 'leather' look for Fall/Winter and I think Al would get a ton of wear out of these. He is mostly in sneakers because boys play hard, but it's nice to have a decent shoe to throw on when we are going out to eat or to a family gathering.

Happy shopping folks! A "Fall-Must Haves: Baby Edition" is in the works for later this month.