Monday, August 31, 2015

Alec Charles, age 2

how did this happen?

happy birthday little one. you are our sunshine. you make our world go round. we are thrilled to one day soon see you in the role of big brother. we know you will make us so proud, just as you always have.

-you amaze us with your broadening vocabulary each and every day
-your love for trucks and airplanes is more than we could ever have imagined
-you live for the outdoors… always asking to go outside, even when it rains
-you know your abc's and 123's .. only leaving out a few
- before bed, you love to look at the moon and you often join in on 'twinkle, twinkle' (we love your version oh so much)
-your favorite food is pizza, and when you eat you often make the cutest 'mmm' sounds we've ever heard
-you love your lala dearly and sleep with that little owl blankie each and every night
-we cannot take our eyes off you for one split second because you are quite an independent, adventurous little bug
-you say 'love you too' and it melts our hearts into a pile of mush

alec charles, you have the most beautiful sparkle in your eye. you are truly one of a kind. without you, we would be lost. mama and dada love you more than you will ever know. happy second baby boy! and although it is your birthday, it is you who have given us a gift. we are so blessed.