Monday, March 9, 2015

18 Month Must-Haves

1. The GYRO bowl. It's a non-spill snack bowl. We use this just about every afternoon after his nap. He likes to enjoy some cheerios and milk while we shake out the cobwebs and catch a bit of Daniel the Tiger on the tube.
2. Books, specifically bright baby booksFirst 100 words is a current favorite. I feel so proud (and nervous) when the room goes quiet, and I find him sitting in the corner of the room flipping through a good book.
3. Elmo's World dvd's & Daniel the Tiger on Netflix
4. LEGO my first number train. This will keep him occupied for 20-30 minutes and it has the added benefit of teaching him how to count to ten and color differentiation.
5. Melissa and Doug Animal Magnets. Let's just say, he now knows ALL his animal sounds. He will sit at the base of the refrigerator and 'moo' away while I prepare dinner.
6. Mini iPad and velcro car holder. Judge me all you want, but this bad boy has saved us a many times. Long car rides are now a breeze, and tears during Alec's cardiac tests are minimal. We only break this out when absolutely needed, and when we do, it's a true life saver.
7.  Chunky Wood Puzzles. Mickey is our favorite, of course.
8. Circo Smoothie Cup. A special sippy cup used only for his daily smoothie. Without this little guy, I'd never get Alec's heart meds in. I crush them, and sneak them in daily. I also use it to sneak more fruits and veggies into his diet.