Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Kiel and I had been talking of plans to visit Florida as a family for quite some time. After all, our last trip down south was pretty incredible, view here. We thought that we could possibly get cardiac clearance from Alec's cardiologist at his last appointment in January, but unfortunately, we thought wrong. Very wrong. No clearance to fly with our little bug and lots of talk of procedures and surgeries instead. The docs offered us some guidance, in regards to family planning, and the ultimate decision that was made was to hold off on any future kiddos until we are through the thick of it. With all that being said, we are focusing on the positive and taking this next year or so to focus on other things instead.

We've decided to do some traveling in the year ahead, some as a family, some as a couple, and some on our own. Although we can't go too far, we are planning many road trips as a family. We always manage to visit the Delaware Beaches at least a handful of times in the summer and I'd love to throw a possible camping trip into the mix. Kiel and I have both wanted to take short, little getaways of our own, but their haven't been too many opportunities to do so with all that's been going on. Plus, until now, we just didn't feel ready to leave our little guys for more than one or two nights. I would love, love, love to get out to California to visit my college bestie. And Kiel has been wanting to take a boys trip down south to enjoy the sunshine and hit a few rounds of gold with his buddies. Hopefully, this year we can stammer up the courage to make these plans actually come to fruition.

As far as a couple getaway goes, I've been doing my research and I keep going back to the same place over and over. It's a long shot, but I've been dying to get out to the West Coast, Oregon specifically. If we can make it work financially and if we can convince my parents to watch Alec while we're gone, I would love to spend three days in the city (Portland specifically) and three days on the coast (Cannon Beach has seemed most appealing). I've read so many amazing things about both locations and airbnb offers quite a few affordable, aesthetically pleasing accommodations.

Portland seems like an incredible place to visit. Tons of amazing local coffee roasters and gourmet donut shops (two of my favorite things). Great vintage shopping and curbside food trucks galore. Eclectic bars, a buzzing music scene, and plenty of flea markets. I have so much on my to-do list, I don't really know if three days is enough! I expect our time in the city to be busy and tiring, which is okay by me. But I do feel as though we deserve some time to relax, as well... that's when we head to the coast. Only an hour and a half drive from the city, Cannon Beach seems like the most ideal spot to spend a couple lazy days together. The pictures I've seen are just breath-taking. The weather is a bit cool, which would probably be a nice break for us come August on the East coast. Our mornings could be spent hiking through Ecola State Park or cruising on bikes along the coastline. Evenings could be spent at home, cooking meals, drinking wine, and just spending quality time together, 1:1.

I really pray we can make this work, and if not this exactly, something along these lines. Do you have any suggestions overall? Places you've visited that you really enjoyed? Or semi-local family getaways that you'd recommend? All or any advice welcome! I think 2015 is going to be an adventurous year, and I look forward to each and every bit of it.