Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An Island Adventure

Kiel and I returned from vacation late last night. Our little island adventure was just what we needed during this stressful time. We went down to Anna Maria Island, with no plans and no expectations. We spent most of our time laying on the beach or by the pool, reading and sipping on pina coladas (mine were rum-free, of course). I couldn't be more grateful to have had the chance to get away one last time with my honey before our little man arrives. Now that we are home, I am busy scheduling consultations and tests, trying to catch up on all that we missed while away. Regardless, I am feeling refreshed as ever and ready to tackle whatever is to come our way head-on. 

Just a few of my favorite vacations moments captured on my iPhone.
A sunset beach walk on our first night.
 Sunset smooch.
 A walk along the City Pier.
Waking up slow on a cloudy morning.
A belly bump shot and a bike ride to Rod Reel Pier.
Crystal blue water and bright white sand.
 Pool lounging... five month bump.
Killing some time in Hyde Park Village before our flight.