Thursday, December 18, 2014

1. Step2 Lil Helper's Shopping Cart. Alec loves A. push toys and B. grocery shopping. He seriously lights up when I put him in front of the grocery cart. Lately, he's been adding a few items to my cart on his own accord… so I figure why not get him his own push cart and let him shop all around his play room every day.

2. Ikea Plush Veggie Set to go with the shopping cart. I chose a vegetable set because I am really trying to broaden Alec's diet. He is a super, super picky eater and usually only prefers cheese and carbs. I get most of our veggies in via organic baby food pouches, which is fine, but I would love it if he would start to eat a little more of what Kiel and I eat with our meals. Maybe a little imaginative play with his new shopping cart and veggies will help convince him into to try a few new things. 

3. Bear Slippers from Baby Gap. A must-buy in my book. Not all toddler socks have quality grip on the bottom so these are nice for traction while running around at home without shoes on, especially since we have mostly hardwood floors. (Plus they are pretty adorable.)

4. Melissa & Doug Animal Rescue Shape Sorting Truck. We love Melissa & Doug. Alec really gravitates towards the toys that they make. I picked out this particular item because we are working on our animal names/sounds and I figure this would be a fun and different way to explore and learn.

5. Ikea Smock for crafting. Alec and I made some home-made holiday gifts for his grandparents and, boy, would a smock have come in handy! We both had green all over.

6. Ikea Sidewalk Chalk because who doesn't love sidewalk chalk, especially at $1.99 a box.

7. Washable Fingerpaint. As Al gets older, I am excited to begin crafting/coloring/painting together. Might as well take this opportunity to stock up on supplies so when the time comes, I'll be ready. 

8. Ikea 20-Piece Train Set. I really reaaally think this one, in particular, is going to be a winner. "Choo-Choo's"are becoming a really exciting thing around here these days. And side note: Isn't IKEA amazing? All of the items listed above are below $10. #winning 

9. And not pictured… board books! We are avid readers in our home and although it has been more difficult to keep my little mover on my lap for a whole story these days.. we continue to browse a good book as much as we can. A few of our favorites include; Giraffes Can't Dance, Goodnight Train, and (both versions) My Mom/Dad Loves Me. 

Here's hoping this gift guide gave you an idea or two for the little people in your life! Happy Shopping!