Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Winter Style: Toddler Edition

My three absolute favorite places to shop for Alec are Baby Gap, Zara Kids, and H&M. Target and Old Navy haven't been doing too bad lately either and they always have a very versatile, affordable selection. When it comes to dressing my little guy, I am not one to gravitate towards denim overalls and child-like printed onesies. I have found that I usually end up dressing Alec in an outfit similar to what my husband would wear... basic henley tees, comfy jeans, flannel, and lots of neutral tones. Some of my favorite pieces in Alec's closet lately:

 these comfy sweats
 this henley 
 this cozy sweater
this flannel
and this knit hat

And a few things I am wanting to add to his collection this winter season:

these shoes
this parka
these trousers
and this sweatshirt

I also recently discovered two new online shops, Mini Boden and Joe Fresh. Both are super cute and relatively affordable. I already have this navy knitted jacket picked out for a friend's little one for Christmas, and, of course, this fleece and these fresh sweats for Alec.