Monday, November 3, 2014


My social media feeds have been swamped with beautiful weddings and alas honeymoon pics galore. I am loving all the different places people have shared about, and I have found myself reminiscing about all our adventures over the last few years. Prior to parenthood, Kiel and I were quite the little travel bees. We tried to plan at least one big getaway a year, with two or so other little long weekends away here and there. Now that Alec is over a year and has a relatively steady routine, I am starting to feel more comfortable with the idea of leaving him. He would be in great hands and I know he would be just fine, but I am sure I will shed a few ugly tears the first time I am away from him for longer than a day or two. Despite the emotional struggle, I think the rewards of going away would be profound.  Kiel and I could really use some quality alone time in a beautiful place. So, with all that being said, I am starting to contemplate our next getaway. We have a a few options already on the table for the late winter/spring, but I am keeping my options open, because, after all, it is a rare occasion that we will get this opportunity again anytime soon. 

Just a few of my favorites adventures…
 A hike up Diamond Head to get this picturesque view of Waikiki
 An excursion above the clouds on the Big Island of Hawaii
 A sporadic trip to Key West
 A beach ride along the Coast of Cali
Our honeymoon along the French Riviera
All fancied up for our evening at the Monte Carlo Casino
A hike up the Falls at Watkins Glen

A weekend away in Chicago to enjoy the sites and jam out at Lollapalooza
Paddle boarding along the coast of Kauai
A helicopter ride along the Napali Coast
 A bike tour around the grounds of Versailles
Cheese and wine with a fantastic view
 A day trip to the haunted grounds of Stonehenge
Enjoying the sites of London Town
 Our very last vacation before Alec's arrival. A babymoon to Anna Maria Island.

Who knows where our next adventure will be, but I am really looking forward to the possibilities. Any suggestions on a location? I'd like to get away for about four or so days….maybe somewhere warm in the winter months… somewhere that we can both relax and site see… somewhere that will make us feel  refreshed and energized. Well, no matter what we decide, I am sure you will hear and see all about it on this here blog. Thanks for visiting!