Friday, October 31, 2014

Ten Things

that caught my eye across the web…

  • I may just have to order these for myself, and probably these for the little one
  • Simple gold studs for the every day, on sale too!
  • A super cool chalk art DIY for Alec's basement playroom
  • I know I am jumpin the gun, but how cute is this for the mantle during the holiday season
  • Love this print for Alec's room, but I think I'll just try and DIY this for a much cheaper price
  • A hearty meal for a crisp Fall day
  • The neatest set of blocks (Alec got them as a gift from the awesome Jessi of what the what?)
  • I absolutely love this big kids room, the wall art is fantastic and the mix of prints & textures are just right.
  • A really interesting way to help soothe kids when they have a cold or runny nose
  • 30 unexpected baby shower gifts that are sheer genius. (14 & 18 are on my amazon wish list)