Monday, November 17, 2014



Why did no one tell me this!?! Or maybe people did, but I was too exhausted to remember. All I know is that my little babe is napping once a day now. And to most new moms that probably sounds like the worst thing ever, but rest assured, it is not. It is sooo NOT. It's amazing actually. Because although he is only taking one nap… it's a solid two to three hour nap. Imagine what you can do with that much time… and all at once! No more cramming my entire adult life into one, one hour nap. I can actually sit down during nap time and not feel guilty for once.

Not only is the one LONG nap fantastic because I have time to actually do things, but because he is actually worn out and ready for a nap when the time comes to take one. Also, bedtime is no longer a struggle because as said before, he is actually tuckered out and truly ready to rest. Just the other night, he literally grabbed his lovey, walked up to me with his arms up in the air, and said "nigh nigh mama". It was the most amazing thing. Now we make a little routine of it.. nigh nigh dada, nigh nigh mama, nigh nigh doggie.. and so forth. I can't even take the cuteness. I am seriously loving the one nap transition. Our days are running much smoother now that we have an agreeable routine.

*Side Note. Kiel was away for three days last week. He had a work conference in Baltimore and it was just me and little bug for three days straight. My husband's time away was difficult. We reaaally missed him, probably me even more than Al. Alec was actually incredibly good, like unbelievably good. But regardless of how amazing our little one can be, come 6 pm, (most nights) I am ready for a little break and really eager to see Kiel walk through that door. There is something to be said for the little team we have created over the last year. When it comes to parenting, we have developed a nice little system that allows both of us some "me" time throughout the day.  My husband is a truly awesome partner, and such an amazing, hands-on papa to our boy. I am very verrry lucky and what I truly realized while he was away, is that I am so glad that I don't have to do this whole parenting thing alone. SERIOUS props to all the single parents out there. You are amazing. I don't know how you do it.

Why yes! We did dance to Christmas music all afternoon one day. Kiel often proclaims that I 'jump the gun' on things… and so what, maybe I do. But damn it felt good to bust out the ole Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby Christmas tunes while Dada was away. Judge me all you want folks, but I am soaking up every ounce of this holiday season!