Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Reading: I just finished "This Is Where I Leave You" written by Jonathan Tropper. A super enjoyable, easy read and also just recently made into a movie, starring Jason Bateman and Tina Fey. For me, I feel as though the characters were perfectly cast for the film. I can't want to rent it when it comes out on demand. 

Wanting:  I've been itching to get an essential oil diffuser for sometime now. Diffusing certain oils can help purify and cleanse the air of certain bacteria, mold, and pathogens. It can also impact mood, focus, and concentration while also reducing stress. Not to mention, they make your home smell spectacular. 

Eating: Our favorite Sunday Soup, a hearty tortellini and sausage recipe made in the crockpot. Super quick and easy. A family favorite. I've also been eating lots and lots of leftover Halloween candy. Sadly, we only got seven trick or treaters this year, and let's just say I planned for much more than that. Nevertheless, I am averaging a solid one to two reese's peanut butter cups a day and I am starting to feel it in the waistband of my jeans.

Drinking: Apple cider margaritas. I mean who can resist a brown sugar rimmed cocktail. And I've been enjoying myself a spiced chai latte every now and again. Such a perfect drink for a crisp fall day.

Enjoying:  Our budding social scene. The holidays always call for friendly gatherings and it has been fun to get to see everyone a bit more than usual. Recently, Kiel and I took a quick trip up to New York to see a few of our old college pals. It was an absolute blast, a weekend for the books. It felt good to be out on the town again. 

Wearing: ankle boots, cords, and chunky knit sweaters

Listening: Lately, I've bee listening to 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' Soundtrack. It's so relaxing, perfect background music. 

Watching: Kiel and I are trying to get back into Friday Night Lights. We've been working through the first season on Netflix for quite some time. It's such a great show about so much more than football. It really brings me back to the old high school days. Plus, that Tim Riggins is a real looker.

Wishing: That my little guy would rid himself of this lingering cold. Poor little babe has been coughing and snot-nosed for nearly two weeks. Fortunately, it hasn't gotten too bad, but I'd give anything for him to feel 100% again.

Capturing: This amazing stage that Alec is in. He is a total sponge, repeating every word you say. He is so incredibly animated, constantly attempting to wave down your attention so that he can join in the conversation. Lately, it has seemed as though he has an endless amount of energy. He is seriously running circles around me, so we have been visiting lots of nearby parks lately, where we climb, swing, and slide until his hearts content.