Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Post. The Big Day.

I have been wanting to start a blog for sometime now. I feel this is a great time for me to start documenting my many adventures. I have been married now for about one and a half years to the love of my life and very best friend, Kiel. We are both Delawareans, born and raised. I work as an ICU nurse in a local level one trauma center. And my husband and his father run a local automotive business. About three years ago, Kiel and I settled into our home in the suburbs of Wilmington, DE. We've spent most our time together traveling the globe and seeing all sorts of interesting sights. Now that we're hitched and financially stable, we are looking to settle down and expand the family. I have found myself to have become very domesticated over the last few years. My mid-twenties have shown to be very interesting. Managing a marriage and household, while working shift work has proven to be hard work, but I am learning all sorts of new things along the way. From cooking to home decor, I have truly ventured outside my comfort zone these past few years. But what I'm really learning, is that I LOVE doing it all and I've honestly never been happier! I wanted to start a blog that incorporated all of these things.... our travels, home, marriage, and hopefully soon parenthood. But for starters, I figured I'll begin with some memories and photos from our wedding day.

It was a beautiful sunny day in September 2010. I slept at my parents the night before the big day to avoid bad luck and Kiel stayed at our home, only a mile away, with friends and our pup. We got married and had our reception at Greenville Country Club. All the bridesmaids and I made our way up to Greenville around 9am. We spent all morning up in the bridal suite getting our hair and make-up done. The suite overlooked the garden where Kiel and I were married. My girls and I were able to sip champagne and watch as the two hundred seats were filled below. Our ceremony was short and sweet. My Godmother married us and my Father played us a song. It was truly beautiful. Our reception was also held outside on the veranda under massive tents. It was a beautiful setting for a wedding and the weather was just perfect, thank god. It literally feels like this all happened just yesterday.