Thursday, June 4, 2015

Here and Now

It's hard to believe that in less than two weeks (12 days exactly but who's counting) we will be heading in for our little one's anatomy scan. I am overwhelmed with both excitement and angst when I think about this upcoming day. April 12th, 2013 we found out that Alec was a little boy, but at that same appointment, the doctor also discovered his heart defect. A beautiful moment overshadowed by devastating news. Possibly the best and worst moments of my life within a few short minutes of one another. I am incredibly anxious to know the sex of our new little bundle but I am even more anxious to know that they are forming properly within the womb. Although, to us, our Alec is absolutely perfect in every way, I hate knowing that he has had and will continue to deal with more than any child should. I pray every night that he will remain strong and continue to thrive as he has. I pray that our unborn child doesn't face the same struggles that he has faced. I thank God every day for the good fortune that we have been blessed with thus far. June 15th can't possibly come soon enough. 

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. I am feeling strong and better than I have in months. This summer has gotten off to a fantastic start, and I can already tell it is going to be one for the books. We have hit the beach almost every weekend since mid-May and Alec has loved every second. The weather has been perfect, with exception of this week, and I couldn't be more grateful for all the time we've been able to spend outdoors. We've been soaking up long weekends together as a little family of three, knowing that the dynamic will drastically change come fall. I am hoping for many more 'feel-good' days and lots of summer adventures to come.