Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Guyyyyys, it's a ....BOY! Another beautiful bouncing bundle of blue, and with a perfectly formed heart at that. Our newest little addition has us over the moon with joy. I truly think this was the way it was all meant to be. I can already tell that Alec is going to be the most stellar big bro. There is nothing he loves more than the company of other children. It is so incredible to imagine my two, sharing choo-choo's and trucks.... To imagine seeing our second wear some of my favorite pieces from our first's "too little"  wardrobe... To see Alec's reaction to his little brother in those very first moments when they meet. 

And to think how lucky I am that I get to love on, not one, but two little boys. I am a lone soldier, heavily outnumbered by a house full of boys. Chaos, noise, and mess will soon surround me and I will embrace it all (or at least I will learn to, won't I?!) Life is crazy and in this bout of craziness I am learning to let go a little. I am learning that it's okay if things aren't perfect. It's best to just live in the moment and soak it up because these are some of the best moments of my life. God has an interesting way of teaching us lessons and shaping us into who we are or who we need to be. I am getting there. I'm on my way and this little babe is all part of the plan. 

And to answer everyone's soon-to-come question... Yes, we may try for a little girl in the future. BUT that doesn't mean that I am not totally content with the way things turned out. Because, to me, there is something very unique and wonderful about the way a little boy loves his mama. I feel blessed to have been granted this opportunity. To be a mother again is really a gift and to know that we can worry a bit less this time is probably the best feeling in the world.

Life is good.