Friday, February 13, 2015

On the Upswing

It's been a rough week, to say the least.

We went into the hospital early Monday morning for Alec's heart catheterization. In fact, we were all checked in by about 6:15 am. They had pre-medicated Al with some sedation prior to the case, so by 6:30 he was fast asleep with Elmo and La-la, by his side. At around 6:45, Anesthesia picked him up and let us kiss him goodbye before they wheeled him off to the procedure lab. (Let me tell you something folks…. kissing your baby and wishing them luck in a hospital hallway is by the far THE WORST experience any parent should ever have in a lifetime.) The procedure, itself, took about three hours so we did our best to keep busy and stay calm in the waiting area until the nurse came to get us. They updated us hourly which alleviated some stress, but every minute felt like an eternity and I couldn't wait see my little again. Years were taken off my life in that waiting room, years.

By around noon, the doctor had come out to speak with us. All went well and we'd be able to head back and see him shortly. We visited our sleepy boy and remained by his side until his eyes creeped open one by one. He struggled a bit coming out of anesthesia, but overall, there were minimal hiccups. We were surprisingly discharged to home the same night and given specific instructions on how to care for Alec once we left the building. The ride home was dreadful. We hit 95 during rush hour traffic, Alec was starving, miserable and nothing could bring a smile to my little guy's face. Not even Elmo, which is really saying a lot, because he adores that silly monster. We made it home at around six that evening. He ate like a prisoner, chugged an ungodly amount of milk, and within thirty minutes of being home, he was fast asleep in his crib. He woke several times throughout the night, he was uncomfortable and feverish. Lots of tears were shed. We gave him tylenol and rocked him in our arms until he dozed.. over and over.

The fever and discomfort lasted the remainder of the week. Nighttime was the most challenging. None of us slept, and without sleep, the Drakes are not a fun bunch. The days were long. Lots of calls to and from the nurse practitioner. The high fevers were definitely a concern. On Wednesday, we visited our pediatrician to rule out any clear source of infection. All was negative, ears and throat clear. He got blood work (twice - which was a seriously awful experience). We are still waiting on those results.

Last night, we finally slept. Alec slept through the night and when he woke, he was without a fever. Such a relief. The MD seems to think the fever was related to the coils they placed during the procedure. A heightened immune response to something foreign and new within the body. Today, he has finally seemed like himself again. Smiling and playful. An increased appetite (but still poor). I am starting to see the light and I am finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. We are on the upswing, all four of us and it feels really good. I feel blessed to be able to spend this Valentine's Day at home with all three of my boys. (Obviously, Ollie is included here.)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, full of love and cheer. Thanks for all the kind words, prayers, and well wishes, We are very fortune to have such a stellar support system. xo - L