Monday, November 24, 2014

Ch-Ch-Changes! Good Morning Beautiful has a new look for the holiday season! Just a few subtle changes to keep things fresh around here. Hope you like the updates as much as I do.

Now, I will confess, I may be a little MIA over the next few weeks. For starters, the holiday season is among us, which means, we are busy busy busy. Tons of fun gatherings to attend and lots and lots of shopping to do! But hey, busy is a good thing right? I can't wait to catch up with family and friends over the next few weeks and ring in the new year with a bang!

Also, I recently purchased and downloaded the PHOTOSHOP + DSLR BUNDLE from A Beautiful Mess. I have been following this blog for quite some time, and I find it so incredibly inspiring. The co-founders, Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson, are seriously dynamite and their careers have really taken off over the last year or so. You can read more about them here. Anywho, I have really been wanting to hone in on my photography skills for quite a while now and when I saw they were offering online lessons for a decent price I jumped on it. Not only is this program affordable, but it's also all online and I can go through each lesson at my own pace (which is a must when you have a wild toddler to look after!). As you can probably see, my photos are quite amateur and I have tons of learning to do. My husband has been super helpful with teaching me the basics of photography and our camera, but I am super excited to truly learn how to take a quality photo in manual mode. I am hoping all this online education will raise the bar a bit and enable me to make some serious upgrades with the blog.

I am going to do my best to stay on top of things amongst all this craziness, but I make no promises. Cheers to the start of an awesome holiday season. I hope you all pack in as much fun as possible!

And one more thing, I recently discovered the Afterlight app and it's an awesome way to upgrade your iPhonography. It offers 56 unique filters, 66 natural textures, and 128 frames. Check it out, it's worth the 99 cents I promise.

Below are a few pictures I took and manipulated with the app.

xo- L