Monday, September 8, 2014


On our daily morning walk today, I stumbled upon this here leaf. Maybe it's totally crazy, but this little leaf spoke to me. As I stared at the ground, I became overcome with joy. I reflected upon this past weekend and was reminded of how amazing, emotional, super fun, and a bit exhausting it all was. We celebrated Alec's first birthday at our new home and the preparation took a lot out of Kiel and I.. and my Mom, and my Dad and so on. Our little village of family and friends shuffled in and out all day yesterday, and Alec truly had the time of his life. He was surrounded by so much love and the constant smile on his face was a true reflection of his understanding. Although time consuming and somewhat stressful to host a large party, it at least encouraged us to get our butts in gear to get our house in tip-top shape. Not every inch of our home is perfect, and I assume there will always be work to do, but I am really pleased with how most of it all turned out. Later this week, I plan on posting a Home Tour of a few somewhat 'finished' areas of our home. I will apologize ahead of time for the photography though, still trying to perfect my skills. Lighting is a tough one! I am also hopeful that we get the edited pics from our family photo shoot soon so I can share a few with you all! Anyway, thanks for swinging by and be sure to check in later this week.