Friday, August 1, 2014


My bright-eyed boy soaking up the good weather we've had lately.
 Peek-a-boo. Alec's favorite game of all time. It never gets old, a guaranteed laugh every time.

Alec is over picture-taking. Like completely over it. Just last month he would totally ham it up for the camera, but ever since he started crawling... he is NOT remotely interested. Way too much to explore!
 He's getting pretty steady on his feet. And to think, I can hardly keep up with him now. 
He waves hello at Oliver every chance he can get. Just the other day, we were heading out the door, and over my shoulder I see Alec wave at the dog, and he says "Bye Dog." Totally unprompted. I couldn't believe it. This kid is one smart little cookie.
 Kiel and I got a piano this past month. It has been such a great investment. Each night after dinner, Kiel will play a tune while I clean up and Alec will sit either on his lap or at his feet, pressing a foot pedal or piano key whenever he gets a chance. It's our own little evening ritual. I see music in this little boy's future.
Alec is a pretty picker eater these days. He does NOT want to be spoon fed anything. He swats at the spoon whenever I try and inch it near his face. He pretty much refuses all fruits and vegetables, except for strawberries(which we just discovered he is allergic to, figures) and peas. I sneak some broccoli into his mac'n'cheese every chance I can get. He loves all carbs.. crackers, pasta, breads. He will still get down with the fruit and veggie packs, and he loves him some applesauce. I'm doing the best that I can to give him a well-balanced diet, but it can be really difficult sometimes. 

Alec is still napping twice a day, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. He claps along to "If you're happy and know it, clap your hands". He absolutely loves Mickey Mouse Club House (mostly just the hot dog song). He is drinking pretty well out of a sippy cup on his own. He is starting to pull himself up  on everything that he possibly can. He is learning how to crawl up the stairs (with constant supervision, of course). He  is extremely vocal, always babbling on, and I can make out a few pretty clear words/statements here and there.

His personality just keeps getting better and better. I love this kid more than life itself and I feel so very lucky to be his mama. I guess I better get party planning, ONE is just around the corner.