Friday, March 14, 2014

Six Months

How is my little baby six months old?! Unbelievable! Time really has flown this past year. When I take a look back in time, it's so amazing to see just how much our lives have changed since Alec arrived. Going out on the town is a distant memory and moments at home have become the new normal on a Saturday night. When you become a parent, your perspective on life totally changes. What becomes important is so very different from the things that seemed to matter before. YOU are never your number one priority. YOU are responsible for this little person's life. YOU matter more than you ever have before to someone. It actually kind of makes you feel pretty darn important and it feels really good.

This sixth month has been pretty great. No matter what, parenting is hard, but things have gotten to a point where things have definitely become easier. Sleep is interrupted much less. Nap time is more consistent. And trips around town are much more successful than before. On a regular day, Alec wakes up around 6:30. He eats about 6 ounces every four hours and has officially started eating three meals a day as well. He particularly loves sweet potatoes and he is beginning to warm up to the idea of sweet peas. On a good day he will nap twice a day for about an hour and half to two hours each time. He has surprisingly become a lover of car rides and dozes off almost every time we're in the car for longer than ten minutes. The weather has finally started to warm up a tad and Alec and I have enjoyed a few walks around the neighborhood. I am really looking forward to spring. We all seem much happier when we can get out of the confines of our home and breathe in some fresh air. In regards to Alec's little heart, he seems to be doing pretty darn well these days. He is still on a diuretic twice a day, but other than that, you honestly wouldn't know that anything was wrong. He weighs just about eighteen pounds (most of which is clearly in his cheeks) and is getting longer every day. He is a pretty big boy which is pretty abnormal for children with congenital heart disease. We are so very proud of our little guy. As of late, Kiel and I are trying to focus much of our energy on the normalcies of every day life with our boy.