Monday, February 24, 2014

Ten Things...

... That Caught My Eye

A shirt I desperately need in my closet. 

Something I really need to get working on.

A super adorable space.

A refreshing scent for spring.

A super fun way to cheer up someone's day.

The most creative DIY for the music-loving kid in your life.

My go-to breakfast these days.

The perfect summer sandal.

The most beautiful wedding video I've seen.

A fresh spring look I am lusting over.

This past weekend was such a tease. It tricked me into believing that spring had finally arrived. After such a long and snowy winter, it was such a breath of fresh air. I only wish I could have spent more of my days outside. I am so very hopeful that some more 50 degrees days are heading our way in the near future. Alec and I are really starting to get cabin fever. Come on Spring, you can do it!