Monday, September 9, 2013

One Week

On Saturday, Alec became one week old. He has already managed in this short time to turn our whole lives upside down.. and honestly, we couldn't be more overjoyed by his presence. Nights out on the town are all part of our past. Kiel and I have come accustomed to spending days and nights lounging around the house. We've been taking a lot of short little walks around the neighborhood to get some fresh air. Fortunately, the weather has been great and Alec really likes his stroller rides. Nursing has been a bit of a challenge for me and I've contemplated giving up numerous times, but each day is getting better and Kiel has been an incredible support. Lots of family and friends have stopped over to meet the little guy and bring us dinners and treats.. we couldn't be more grateful! Honestly, feeding ourselves has become a luxury. Alec's meals take priority for sure. Overall, the last week has been quite the rollercoaster ride... lots of ups and downs, but in the end we are happy as can be with the way things all worked out. We feel very lucky to have Alec home, and to have so much support close by. 
Alec at 7 Days old