Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Hospital Bag

My hospital bag is packed, the car seat is installed, and Kiel and I are feeling just about ready to meet our little boy.
In my bag, I have packed all of the essentials... from comfy pj's to a bag full of change for late night vending. I included some high-protein snacks to get us through the day, and of course the must-needed boppy pillow for breast-feeding. I packed the iPad for down-time browsing and the serious fam-cam for newborn pics. I've got slippers for comfort and flip-flops for showering. I packed a comfy, jersey maxi for our ride home from philly. 
Not only did I pack things for my hubs and I, but I also did throw in a few things for Alec, as well. A couple snap-front onesies, two aiden and anais swaddles & burpy bibs, some avent pacifiers, and of course, an adorable going-home ensemble. I absolutely cannot wait to meet the little guy! Alec, you are more than welcome to enter this world at any time... your mom and dad are dying to see your little face for the first time.