Friday, October 12, 2012

A Love Affair with Paris

As much as I enjoyed our time spent in London, England... For me, it did not compare to our our four days spent in Paris, France. I absolutely love this city. There was something so enticing about Paris. It was both historic and romantic in every way. We stayed in a lovely, newly-renovated hotel, called Hotel Atmospheres. We were smack dab in the middle of the Latin Quarter, which couldn't have been more perfect. There were several shops, restaurants, and food markets all within a short walk of the hotel. We spent most mornings adventuring the city and seeing the sights. We would usually return to our hotel in the late afternoon, and we would use this time to relax and rest our feet before heading out on the town for dinner and drinks. It was truly a magical vacation and I am so glad we didn't wait for our ten year anniversary to visit. We will definitely be going back one day. 

Top Ten Things We Did In Paris:
(In no particular order)
1.Spent time touring the Notre Dame Cathedral
2. Explored the Louvre (We got to see all the guests enter the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show
3. Studied the breath-taking art throughout the Musee d'Orsay
4. Had a Picnic on the greens in front of the Eiffel Tower (French wine is delicious)
5. Climbed the Arc de Triomphe and captured picturesque views of the city
6. Road bikes around Versailles (Explored Marie Antionette's Playground)
7. Took a tour of Sainte Chapelle and Conciergerie
8. Enjoyed a light evening meal in the Latin Quarter
9. Ate delicious cheese and drank Cotes du Rhone on the grounds of Versailles
10. Spent evenings with our hotel windows open and listened to a live band play 1940's jazz at the cafe across the street

The iPhone was my camera, Kiel actually got some decent pictures I'll post sometime later.