Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Most Magical Place on Earth

The whole gang is heading to Disney World next week. My parents surprised all of use for Christmas with a five-day trip! We'll be staying at the Disney Beach Club Resort, which I remember being pretty awesome. I am so excited to see my nieces' faces when they enter the park for the first time.

                   From Left: Alyssa (8), Addison (3), Sophia (16 months), Morgan (10), and Sean (5)

This is the whole gang of em. The older three went to Disney about two years ago. They loved it, and they are all counting down the days to go this time around. It should be a blast!...

Now what to pack...The weather is looking pretty amazing right now, high of 86 and low of 66... hopefully this holds out so I can get a sun tan, but it will most likely be in the 70's.

Some of my travel essentials:

1. TOMS Slip-ons. They are amazing walking shoes with lots of support. I mostly like them because they  are dainty and they don't look like normal bulky sneakers. Also, for each pair of TOMS you purchase, a new pair of shoes is given to a child in need... One for One.

2. Lightweight coat (with a hood) You never know what the weather holds, especially in Florida. Mid-afternoon storms are common down there! I'm currently loving the spring J.Crew line. This citrus wrap-trench is a stunner.

3. I've always been a huge fan of denim shorts, also known as jorts. Urban outfitter's renewal line supplies some amazing high-waisted cut offs that I'm just obsessed with.

4. Crossbody bags are always the way to go when traveling. No hands necessary. I found this fun mustard purse at Francesca's Collections for only $34.

5. Scarves. I'm a scarf junkie. I almost feel naked when I walk out the door without one anymore. I know it seems silly to rock a scarf in near 90 degrees weather, but they can make or break any ensemble. Lots of lightweight spring scarves are out in stores... I'm in love with this mint polka-dot scarf from Forever21. It's under $10 and it also comes in cream and peach.

6. Straw hat. I'm a big fan of skin preservation. A full-coverage hat is a must in my book. I love all the hats supplied by J.Crew. They offer several amazing styles, but I'm most into this one, $40.