Friday, October 17, 2014

Ten Things

…that caught my eye across the web

  • I am loving this online kid shop; Alec needs this and that
  • It's safe to say I need these boots in both black, and putty, for this upcoming winter season
  • This bedding is to die for. If only I had a an extra $328 to dedicate to the spare bedroom
  • Some classic arm candy, one & two, from bauble bar
  • 12 Happy-Sad moments every mom experiences
  • I've got to hurry and finish this book so I can see this movie (ben affleck, you dreamboat)
  • Speaking of Ben Affleck, his wife is seriously amazing and here's why
  • I am obsessed with Trader Joe's blueberry vanilla goat cheese, and this cheese is just as good
  • I absolutely LOVE this costume idea for Halloween
  • I need this garland for the upcoming holiday season
 Fall is quite beautiful around here lately. Enjoy the weekend weather.