Monday, October 13, 2014

Pinspiration: Master Bedroom

Now that most of the main living space in our home is furnished and decorated, I am getting the itch to do something with the upstairs. Alec's room and one of our guest bedrooms are mostly complete, but the master and our fourth spare bedroom are a bit disastrous currently. I am not interested in spending too much time or effort on the spare bedroom, as of yet, because I am hopeful that in the next year we will be planning for second little one. The spare will then be upgraded to Alec's big boy room, and his current room will remain the nursery. So with all those potential plans in mind, I have decided to focus my attention on our master. 
Our bedroom is currently very traditional... beige walls,  cherry wood furniture, and a basic paisley duvet from Pottery Barn.We have heavy tan curtains that were left by the previous owner, and because I work nightshift and often sleep during the day, I just haven't been able to get rid of them. But, on a regular day, I can't stand how dark this space is. It's definitely time for a change. If there is one thing that I wanted for our new home, it was to move away from the dark tones and traditional vibe. My new goal is to create modern, bright, simple spaces that feel fresh, clean, and comfortable. I have been searching for some inspiration via Pinterest and these five rooms really caught my eye. All are very basic with some eclectic touches here and there. I am loving all the neutral tones and variety of textures. I dig all the rustic wood, greenery, and eye-catching light fixtures. I am really looking forward to this master bedroom overhaul, and I am hoping to have it complete by the holidays. Here's hoping Kiel is on board with all the changes I want to make.