Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nine Months.

Nine months, say what?! Alec is nine months old and before I know it we are going to be celebrating his first birthday. This past month has been especially great. Alec has discovered so many things that he can do and it's both amazing and hilarious to watch him grow into this incredible little human. He says "Dada" pretty much all day long. "Mama" is reserved for when he's sad or when he wants more food. Other than our names, Alec can clearly say the words  "dog" and "hey"... there is a lot of 'hey dawwwg' being said around our house.  He is obsessed with our dog, Oliver. Just the sight of him entering a room makes Alec's eyes light up with joy. It really is adorable. Alec's little tuft of strawberry blonde hair is getting thicker with each day and he has developed this intense little side part that makes him look like such a young gentleman (just like his Dad). He just started clapping along to songs and waving hello and goodbye. He has recently become a bit shy... leaning his little head into my shoulder when someone new walks into the room or says hello. After about five minutes or so, he warms right up and is more than willing to make a new friend. He is pivoting around in a circle and rolling all over the floor, but still not officially on the move as of yet. Ten months is the month though.. I can see it happening any day now. Nine months has been a good one and I just can't wait to see what ten months brings. 

As for his heart, check-ups have been going well. Alec has weathered his first cold and recovered quite quickly. His color is great and his oxygen levels are holding strong. We are so proud of our brave boy and we are so very grateful that Alec is thriving. God is good.