Thursday, January 9, 2014

Four Months.

It's so hard to believe that four months have past since our little boy entered this world. I honestly can't seem to remember life before him. Becoming a mama has been the most amazing experience for me and I don't want to miss a moment of Alec's life... especially now. Four months has proven to be the best month yet! Alec is finally starting to accept bedtime, awaking only 1-2 times throughout the night. He goes down each night between 6:30 to 7:30. He loves story time in the rocker and bath time is by far his favorite time of day. He is starting to show real glimpses of his personality and he is really is proving to be a lot like his mama...  'spirited' is the word we like to use to describe him best. Things are black and white for this little guy,  no grey area. He's either full of smiles or pouting out that little bottom lip. He's very inpatient when he's hungry. He is starting to warm up to social settings, each one getting a little easier. He has mastered the mean mug when he's tired. His little chuckle is hilarious. Tummy time is becoming a little more favorable, and our head control is improving with each day. He was a little behind in this area because of surgery, but we are quickly catching up! His cheeks and belly get bigger by the minute and I eat them up as much as I possibly can. He's just the best and I couldn't be more proud. 
This little boy has already taught me so much about life. He has taught me to slow the heck down! To soak up every minute, forget the laundry, and just relax. To stop worrying about tomorrow and just enjoy today. I am so very lucky to be his mama.