Thursday, January 2, 2014

Five Things.

1. Since Alec was born, Kiel and I have recorded more videos and taken more photos then ever before, but somehow it never feels like enough. Often at night, after Alec goes to sleep, we find ourselves looking back at old videos and photographs of our little man from just months ago. So much has changed with each passing month and I don't want to miss a moment of it. 

2. If there is one thing having a child has taught me, it is to live in the moment. Just when I think I have a plan all set.. Alec decides to create a plan of his own. Being that he was born with a congenital heart defect, especially one that requires surgeries and extensive treatment, I quickly learned that each moment we have is a gift because you never know what the future holds. I don't mean that to be negative at all, but my experience has shown me that life is unpredictable and all we really have is the present moment... so enjoy it.

3. Some days I don't leave the house. Most days I wake up... take care of Alec all day.. and often I head into work nightshift just after Kiel walks through the door. There are rarely days that I can run out on my own and do something for myself. One thing I have learned to love over the past few months is yoga. It really helps me to clear my mind, stretch my muscles, and truly relax. My gym offers an hour-long class three days a week and I am going to try my darndest in 2014 to go at least one day a week. After all, I deserve a one hour break every now and again. I also need to take more time to shave my legs. I will also try and do that more often in 2014...

4. Number three really ties right in to number four. Along with hopefully attending yoga once a week, I would really like to try and do some sort of home workout while Alec naps a few days a week. This seems like an easy task, but A. Alec is a cat napper; therefore, I only usually have about a half hour of free time here and there throughout the day and B. I am constantly trying to fit my entire adult life into one half hour nap time. Either way, I am going to try, because although I may appear back to my old weight again, things are in need of some serious toning before bathing suit season.

5. I am so excited for 2014! We will be moving into our new home at the end of March and I am thrilled to start fresh in a new space. With this new home comes a larger mortgage and I am learning that I need to curb my spending habits quite a bit if I want to be able to live comfortably. One of my goals is to live more simply... focus more of my attention on what my family needs, as opposed to what I want. To live more simply and to create a lively space for my family to grow. 

Cheers to 2014! I cannot wait to see what this year ahead brings!