Thursday, November 7, 2013

Moving Right Along....

Yesterday evening, Alec was transferred to the cardiac step-down unit. He is off of supplemental oxygen and his oxygen levels seem to be hanging right where the doc wants them. Hallelujah! Last night and this morning, we had a little bit of an issue getting his pain under control. It was extremely overwhelming to see my little one so uncomfortable. It was quite challenging to decipher between a hungry cry.. a pain cry... a tired cry. Not to mention, we have to be extra cautious when we hold him over the next six weeks, careful not to tug on his arms and not to put any pressure on his chest around his incision. This afternoon, Alec has finally started to seem more like himself again. He is definitely a little more sleepy than usual because of the pain meds, but he at least seems comfortable, which is really most important to me. We are all very anxious to get him home. It will be so amazing to be in the comforts our own house with friends and family so close by. Right now, it is a waiting game. If all continues to go well, we may even be home by the end of weekend. For now, we will continue to take it one day at a time.