Wednesday, August 7, 2013

36 Weeks

Today, Alec is 36 weeks and one day. Holy smokes, does time fly.
We had our final echocardiogram this morning, as well as, a routine prenatal ultrasound to evaluate his bodily growth. There is only one word I can use to describe our day... THANKFUL

I hardly slept last night in anticipation for this morning. We have had such positive, encouraging results at every other appointment... I was really starting to get to a point of comfort with everything. But, my husband constantly reminds me to be "cautiously optimistic"... reassuring me that we don't truly know how Alec will present once he is born. I appreciate this advice. I need to hear this, or I will get swept up in the positive. 

Fortunately, his echochardiogram was once again considered relatively unchanged. The cardiologist is nearly certain that the first surgery will be avoided. We may even be able to avoid any medications.  Hearing this was like sweet music to my ears. To think, that we may be able to bring our son home shortly after birth is the most amazing news. Not to mention, he is growing beautifully. He is approximately six pounds, one ounce. All of his other organs are looking just about perfect. The ultrasound technician even zoomed in and gave us a 3D view of his beautiful little face. I will admit, he looks like he is one handsome fella.  

I can't begin to thank everyone who has supported us through all of this chaos. Your prayers are working, so please please keep them coming. I am so grateful... overwhelmed... humbled by all the kindness and concern that has been sent our way. We are loved and it feels really good. 

xoxo - L