Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good Eats

This past weekend, Kiel and I headed to the beach once again. These past couple of days were most likely our last spent down south for the rest of the summer 2013. As much as I would love to get down to Bethany several more times before labor day... I am hitting the 35 week mark and I'd like to stay as close to CHOP as physically possibly between now and my due date. You never know! This pregnancy has already been filled with lots of surprises so I am taking note and airing on the side of caution! 
Anywho, most of our time down there this past weekend was spent eating and I couldn't have been happier about it. We went on a delicious dinner date on Friday night at a restaurant in Rehoboth Beach called Salt Air. I got the deconstructed lasagna, while Kiel munched on the shrimp and grits. Let me tell you... it was friggin phenomenal. The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated. To me, the atmosphere couldn't be more perfect.

On Saturday, we went to a family party to celebrate my Aunt's 60th Birthday. It was a blast, and the party was also loaded with delicious food. On Sunday afternoon, Kiel and headed north and made a pitstop at my favorite restaurant in all the land, Greenman Juicebar and Bistro. This place is seriously amazing.