Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby Name

Let's face it, Kiel and I have not agreed on too many names over the last eight months...and it seems like it's gotten even harder since we discovered the sex of the baby. I recently read an article regarding the pitfalls to watch for when naming your kid. I think we finally came to a decision that follows all the rules... 

1. The nickname trap: "Al" really isn't so bad.
2. Embarrassing initials: AD, that's fine with me. Still working on a middle initial.
3. A lifetime of corrections: this one sort of got me... as I know his name may be easily confused with Alex, but that's not so terrible. After all, it is a diminutive of the name.
4. Overpopularity: #448, not a problem.
5. Problematic name pairings: first kid, not an issue.
6. Humiliating e-mail handles:, solid.
7. Names not to live up to: the only Alec we know of is Alec Baldwin and Alec Guinness, both of which we dig.
8. So-so meanings: Alec means "defending warrior" and it doesn't get more bad ass than that.

We liked a couple other names... but none of them really felt right. This name has stuck around the longest so far and we are both still really into it. I think the meaning, warrior, really sold us. We wanted him to have a strong name... one that reflects his special circumstance. There will be many moments in his near future where he will need to fight to overcome the symptoms caused by his heart condition. I honestly don't think we could have picked a stronger, more personalized name for our boy.