Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Beauty Essentials

1. Bare Minerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen is a must for summer. This product is super light, and doesn't give you the greasy, oily feel that other sunscreens do. I also have acne-prone skin, and this product protects from the sun while fighting break-outs.
2. Maybelline Baby Lips SPF 20 is the bomb. After a few days in the sun, my lips burn like a crisp. I used this lip balm on my last vacation to Florida, and it worked like a charm. 
3. Geometric Headbands. This one, in particular, is from south moon under. I have acquired quite a collection over the last few months., most of which are from Forever21 and Nordstrom Juniors. These two stores offer an array of vibrant headbands for a great, affordable price.
4. Benefit High Beam is the perfect highlighter. This is my go-to summer beauty product. It gives skin that dewy, summer glow, without making your face look greasy. A little goes a long way, and just be careful not to apply powder on top, it can make skin look cakey.
5. Frederick Fekkai Summer Hair makes the perfect loose waves, and smells like coconut. 
6. Bath and Bodyworks Aruba Coconut Skin Balm is my absolute favorite after-sun lotion... mostly because of how delicious it smells.