Wednesday, April 3, 2013

(I've been counting down for weeks)

On Monday April 8th, Kiel and I have our second trimester screening. It has been 6 weeks since we last saw the baby via ultrasound. I am so excited to catch another glimpse of our little one and to ensure that all is healthy and well. Not to mention... if all goes well, and the baby cooperates, we will possibly get to find out the sex! I'm dying to know.

From day one, I have felt that our little one is a boy. I have no idea why, in fact, I am probably 100% wrong... but for some reason that's my feeling. Many have been guessing and we've got very mixed reviews. I was never super nauseous, and I have been carrying most of my weight in my tummy. My skin is not cooperating, and my hair is feeling a bit drab. Are any of these signs telling me, boy or girl?... Not really.  I guess only time will tell! Monday can't come soon enough!