Sunday, October 28, 2012

Favorite Spaces: Pinspiration

I am noticing a little trend happening when it comes to my "happy home" pin board. I am loving bright, white spaces for the home. Something feels so clean, and fresh about them. Almost minimalist, with simple pops of color that really brighten the room. I am in dire need of some serious change around our house. I am hoping that I am able to transform some of our space into a style that is a bit more chic and modern, for a relatively affordable price. Being that this was our first home (and I had not a clue as to how to decorate) I went on a little bit of an ikea binge... leaving us with matching brown wood and earth tones everywhere. I am starting my make-over slowly, but surely, in the kitchen. It is coming along well, but is still in need of some updating. We'll see how it goes. 

Some inspiring spaces that I've been lusting over lately...
I am in a need of a mantle, especially one that looks like this. 
I am pretty sure that will be Kiel's next big project.
I love how rustic this bathroom shelving unit looks. 
This kitchen is beautiful. I love all the open shelving and pops of red.
I love this little girl's room; it's cute, organized, and simple. I despise clutter.
(I also love the name Ruby. Ruby Drake has a nice ring to it.)
A cozy living space. It would be so easy to change up the room by adding in different throw pillows for each season.